Astronomy Research

Here, I would like to present some of my work I have done on the topic of AGN feedback and galaxy evolution. I am a part of both KASHz (KMOS AGN Survey at High-z) and SUPER (the SINFONI Survey for Unveiling the Physics and Effect of Radiative feedback) programmes on the VLT. These IFU surveys aim to observe AGN driven outflows and their effect on their host galaxies at high redshift. I use these observations with ALMA observatory to learn more about role of AGN feedback on galaxy evolution.

Star formation rate distributions of AGN host galaxies with ALMA

In my first paper, I used the largest sample of X-ray AGN observed with ALMA to constrain star formation rate distributions of X-ray AGN at redshift 1.5-3.2. We also had a look at the EAGLE cosmological simulations.

Monster Quasars: Role of AGN feedback in most powerful quasars in the Universe!

Previously, three studies at z~2 claimed that AGN outflows are suppressing star formation based on the IFU data available. In this work, we add new ALMA imaging to test these claims.

KASHz: Do AGN outflows supress star formation?

I used the KASHz IFU survey with deep ALMA imaging to answer question: Can we directly observe AGN outflows rapidly suppressing star formation on large scales?

Hot DOG: Molecular outflow in extremely obscured quasars.

Hot dust obscued galaxies (Hot DOGs) are powerful AGN with extremely dust obscured core, completely hiding optical and X-ray signatures of the AGN. In this project, I studied

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